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Week 05: Ditigal information

digital-marketing-2014Digital information comes in many formats including text, graphics, audio and video. Possibly the only consistency is that they are accessible via digital technology. How best do you determine what information is valuable? How do you determine what will be useful and appropriate for classroom use?

Online search tools supply a multitude of digital resources. Every resource should be evaluated for appropriateness and quality. For example, the Scootle website (www.scootle.edu.au) has links directly to the Australian Curriculum, but each activity or lesson plan must still be assessed for relevancy in your own classroom for your own students.

AssessmentCircleSo how do we assess the quality of digital resources? One way would be to create an assessment rubric based on criteria such as the author/producer, the type of resource, the appropriateness for the intended audience and recommendations by other users. Education Services Australia (2012), recognising the need to assess the intrinsic value of digital resources in an educational setting, has produced value standards establishing benchmarks for the purpose of assessing the intrinsic value of digital resources.

However, digital information is all about context. In the end, it may come down to what appeals to each of us individually – the beauty of having such a diverse range of digital resources available.

Weekly Task:  Create a Pinterest board to display various types of digital information.  I created one on the Periodic Table as this is a subject currently of interest to my children.


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