Week 08: Lifelong learning

3679437433_8fd50932a1_zTechnology has enabled skills of lifelong learning for all. There are ways to incorporate technology into all subjects, as can be seen through the embedding of information and communication technology (ICT) capabilities across the Australian Curriculum (ACARA, 2014). Many skills may be learnt through game-type interfaces which removes the feel of learning for students. As a student myself when learning technology, I don’t necessarily feel like I am learning when I am ‘playing’ with new applications or software.

However, it is this ability to remove the difficulty from learning that may provide the biggest benefit for students of all ages. Certainly, lifelong learning can be undertaken by anybody, anywhere at any time (LLCQ, 2013) in a way that suits them. Internet searching enables the finding of information on just about any topic of interest. Spend enough time, 10,000 hours is suggested by McGonigal (2010), and you can become on authority on any subject you desire.

Lifelong-learningBy providing students with a love of learning using technology, teachers enable them to continue their education outside of structured schooling systems. They are able to become more knowledgeable about topics of interest and improve skills required for participation in a digital workforce. Their skills and knowledge will ensure they know how to keep up with advancing technology, no matter what they do or where they are.


Weekly Task:  Create a Prezi in relation to global citizenship.  I chose to focus on BandAid.


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