The Digital Divide


It is interesting to note that the digital divide is not just a difference in the ability to connect to the internet and other technology. There is also a digital divide between those who are technologically savvy, and those who lack experience and expertise. These differences can be seen between developed and developing nations. It can also be seen within nations such as ours.

In Australia, there is a divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and their ability to connect technologically. There is also a divide between those with access to cable technology and those in more remote areas (read almost everywhere outside a capital city).

This discrepancy ensures that those in the right place are those with the best opportunities in the digital world. Does this mean that everyone should move to the city to access this technology? If so, where would our farming products come from? Do those of us who live in remote areas send our children to the city to access such technology?

Australia has replaced analogue technology with digital for mobile phones and television. Does it provide better access for those in remote locations? This was a considered outcome prior to the rollout, but has it eventuated? Personal experience leaves me no choice but to accept that there are limitations to digital reception, particularly behind mountains and during stormy weather.



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